Sugar babe

My lovely friend Jennie.
Ah! Äntligen funkar min dator! Kan inte förstå hur jag kunde få sånt bloggsug precis när min dator bara precis kolappsade. Känns hemskt att säga att jag faktiskt kände mig tom. Helt sjukt hur jag kan vara så beroende av mina elektronik prylar.
Idag har jag i alla fall jobbat, redigerat bilder & levererat dem, åkt in till Lund för att träffa Jennie & vi passade på att fotografera lite. Som jag har saknat att bara fotografera för sin egna skull. Så att säga "bloggbara bilder". Finns bilder på mig också men de slänger jag upp senare. Kunde inte låta bli att lägga upp den här bilden, hur snygg är hon inte? Efteråt gick vi hem & lagade såkallat köttfärsås, vet inte om det räknades som köttfärsås men gott var det! Nu ska jag krypa till sängs, jobbar 7:30 imorgon till 20:30. & efter jobb ska jag hämta Ben. Denna helgen kommer bli så himla bra!
My computer is fanilly working! I was really craving for bloging while it was broken, so it was really convenient. It feels kind of sad that I felt empty. Can't really understand how I can be so addicted to my electronics. 
Today I have been working, editing and gave them to the costumer, went to Lund to see Jennie. We took some photos and I have missed taking photos for myself, like only for the blog kind of pictures. There are some photos of me but I post that later. I just loved this photo of her, how stunning? After that we went home and cooked spagetti bolognese! I don't know if it counts as bolognese, but it was really good. Now I'm gonna go to bed, work between 7:30 am and 8:30 pm tomorrw. After work I'm gonna go and pick up Ben. I'm so excited for this weekend! 
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Blessed girl

The beautiful landscapes where I come from. Taken with my iPhone.

And I blog in this very moment from my phone as well. My inspiration is slowly getting back on track and I wanna use this blog more to share my journey with friends and family. Especially now when the plan is to get out there and see the world. But my computer is laying on its deathbed and I don't know what is going on, my dad is looking at it but I can't use it at the moment.

But back to the picture... This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when me and Ben was on our road trip around the area where I come from. I have been blessed all my life with growing up here. Here in safety. Where I have got an education, I live in a lovely house with my family and I only have 5 minutes to my work. I have the opportunity to stay at home and work so I can go and travel. And more and more as I watch the news on tv I think about those things. 

And this has been going on for a while. But no one has ever realized that it was a problem. Until one day that one picture of Alan on the beach and everyone finally realized what was going on. It's sad that children have to die before somebody understand that there is a crisis going on. But I don't blame them. I was living on that island for 4 months... I get all sad thinking about it. And yes, we saw immigrants. They were there. But I couldn't see as much as media said they were. That island is the island closest to Turkey, and i heard that there were boats coming with more immigrants everyday. But it was like you got used to it. You saw on the news the number of immigrants but on that island I couldn't see it with my own eyes. And it wasn't just only that, it was everything with the Greek crisis and all that stuff too! It was more like, what is coming next, a bomb or what? 

It's sad that even I needed something drastic like that to understand the problem myself. And that island was my home for 4 months. He was on his way to that island. And they found him in Bodrum where I was for a day just a couple of days before I went home. And if I couldn't understand the whole situation, who could? But I am glad that we are doing something now. How sad it is that Alan had to die in that way, at least there came something good out of it. And I am sure that Alan is in a good place now playing around as a kid in that age should. Looking down on us and one day when things are getting better. He will smile back on us. 

And I wanna find something I can do. I just feel like that I can't just sit here and do nothing. I know I do something really good everyday, for another cause but I feel like I have to do something about this to. And I don't really have the money. So I need to find some volunteer work I can do. Because helping isn't just about the money. I know that from doing bracelets for Ung Cancer that we have here in Sweden. I couldn't buy a bracelet to contribute but I could make 10 so people can buy them and that is helping as well. 

You can't do everything. But you can always do something. Appreciate what you have. Let the people around you know that you love them. Embrace life. Explore for those who can't. And if you can, help. 

I just had to get this out there. And I just started to write in English so it wasn't just a translation this time. The text got too long. I get back to you soon! Hopefully my computer doesn't die on me. "Typical 2015 problems" 

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